Education and image campaign: Biodiversity region Frankfurt / Rhine Main

Campaign "Biodiversity region Frankfurt / Rhine Main" (duration: 1st July 2007 - 30th June 2009)

Without biodiversity, our life would not be possible. Biodiversity is the greatest treasure on earth, our basis of life and the most important asset in future … but today increasingly threatened.

Yet, according to a survey from 2007, 75 % of the Germans do not know the meaning of the word biodiversity. BioFrankfurt has therefore started a regional campaign called “Biodiversity region Frankfurt / Rhein-Main”. Its aim was to educate the regional population in order to improve the knowledge and consciousness of biodiversity.

Biodiversity, seen from close up

The campaign “Biodiversity region Frankfurt / Rhein-Main” was based on the conviction that biodiversity can only be conserved if we convince the general population of its importance, make them care for it and win them for its protection. BioFrankfurt focused on local biodiversity, which can be experienced every day, to arouse interest for this topic, often passing for complicated.

Banks, business, biodiversity … unknown Rhine-Main region

Who would guess that there are 1500 plant species and that you can find 150 apple varieties in the region? Even most residents do not know that there are 14 bats species living in the city, and that in the Taunus hills grow about 20 wild orchid species. And that there exist more than a hundred nature reserves in and around Frankfurt.

The campaign drawed the attention to a quite unknown side of the big city Frankfurt and its surroundings: its surprisingly rich natural environment.

You only protect what you know: We wanted the population to experience all this, and hope that experience will lead to comprehension and appreciation – and that knowledge of this regional diversity will open people’s eyes to the importance of biodiversity in this world. With a diverse program of guided tours, excursions, lectures, films, exhibitions through the “wilderness of Rhine-Main”, a special school program and other activities, the campaign offered a great variety of events for the public.